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Grant Bayley

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Growing up in Hastings listening to the local commercial radio station 2ZC, initially through a crystal set Dad made.  Later that was through a transistor radio.  Some nights (many) I went to sleep with the transistor going quietly against my ear.  My love of music extended to learning a musical instrument at seven.
Auckland then became home where I got a science degree in botany (AU) then later graphic design through AUT leading to work in various fields, including, photography, a life skills tutor, employment co-ordinator and owning a business.  After my partner's death, I decided to move to Tauranga to be close to the family. 
A friend, from Te Puna Quarry Park where I also volunteer, one morning a week, told me about 1XT 1368 AM.  I loved the music as soon as I heard it, so had to visit the station and meet my music makers. It's like going back to my childhood music.  Such friendly people and the best music, I had to be one of the volunteers.


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