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Posted on 08-07-2019 12:33 | By Murray.Guy

Our 'Village Radio' is one of very real 'unsung hero' organisations, located in the 17th Ave Historic Village. These folk perform an absolutely amazing role in adding value, providing companionship, rekindling memories to many lonely, home alone, older citizens, filling the empty void in the lives last estimated to be in excess of 1000 at any given time. Not aware of any other collective of volunteers who add so much value to so many, as a constant, in our city, and to my disappointment, unless things have changed, with NO support from our City Council. I would very much like to see the Village Radio located at ground level and interactive with Village visitors, bluetooth speaker distribution throughout the Village, at present up a narrow flight of stairs and inaccessible, hidden from many.


October 2023 Shirley a visitor from Auckland described Village Radio as an amazingly serendipitous trip down nostalgia lane. She congratulated us on keeping this history alive.
September 2023 - Thank you so much to Village Radio for the livestreaming, It made it possible to replay a song for my brother in Wellington Hospital that he loved, one day before he passed away, very much appreciated, R.I.P. Patrick, Love you and Miss you Heaps, Peter
April 1st 2021 Received by e-mail - HELLO TO THE BEST LITTLE RADIO STATON 
I work out of doors and after 4 days of heavy, heavy skies (and heart) with rain threatening to come I wasn't the life of the party .....was feeling flat! So Thursday afternoon I found myself traveling from the Mount to Tauranga and back again in rush hour traffic going .....nowhere fast. I'm not able to get Village Radio on my in house radio but is my first go to station when in my vehicle.
Thursday 1st April mid afternoon I'm tuned in and "WALLLAAAA!!!! Choice music, great selection, much enjoyed mood lifting sounds. THANK YOU, LOVED it. Got some funny looks as I 'chair danced' while waiting for the other cars to move but too bad.
Some of the team "Umm", 'arrh', errrr' and Aaaaar' (an annoying speech habit) but none of that on Thursday, Great, easy listening, Most enjoyable.
A good days work done, Thank you, (Signed) Mary       (The announcer that afternoon was Ken Wadsworth)
For years my 92 year old Grandad has talked about your station and what it meant to him to hear songs he appreciated. So thank you to all the volunteers who make it happen.
He passed away a few days ago and I wondered if you could possibly fit in a song from the late 30s/early 40s dedicated to him. 
One of our loyal listeners has moved to Paraparaumu, and sent us a cheque and letter stating "I am very sad to lose your great music"
An e-mail from two visitors - "Hi George - a pleasure for Heather and I to meet you today.  What a great little station you folks have.  If I lived in NZ, you can bet I�d be a volunteer!    Thanks for the tour.  We wish Village Radio continued success.
Best regards from Vancouver.
Larry and Heather" 
A Few Comments From Our Givealittle Website page.
Thank you all for another wonderful year music
Really appreciate all your efforts in keeping the station going and love your show, listening on our 1936 Zenith receiver!! Love it thanks very much and keep up the great work.
We love Village Radio it takes us back to the Golden past and lots of songs to sing along to.  Keep up the good work.
I have listened to your radio station for many years and it has given me great pleasure.  I do hope you can keep going as your loss would be tragic.
Keep up the good work I listen all the time, it's wonderful not to have to listen to commercials, just great music.
I am writing to thank Village Radio for their wonderful tribute to our Mother, Lyall Barratt.  She was a great fan of Village Radio and listened and talked about you all many times. She also talked about Bonnie and Cherry, who I gather she may have known personally . When I rang Village Radio to thank you for all the hours of pleasure Mum had from your station, you were kind enough to arranged to play the song she loved "Red Sails in the Sunset�.  Family were all gathered at her home at this time and it was a very special moment which made the day.

Thank you all.

Kind Regards

Helen & Lois (daughters) and families  


Received an e-mail from Sue - Saturday morning Village Radio, best show on air. Nice one, Dale. 

This is an extract from an e-mail we received from Jon who comes from Surrey England and is a  keen supporter of Village Radio:-

I and many others, I am sure are waiting for the day when Village Radio can be enjoyed via the internet.  Your unique programming deserves a worldwide audience and would help put Tauranga on the World Map for so many. Best Wishes to You All, Jon


I would like to thank you for your great selection of music, I'm a courier driver and listen to your station from the time you start to the time you sign off.      I'm personally over all the repetitious FM stations that promote egotistical DJ's, texting in, Facebook this, Google that and follow us on social media all day long ..... some of us actually work 10 hours a day.



This is a poem written by one of our Friends of Village Radio,

Pat and friend, on the occasion of our 30th Birthday.


Hurrah, Hurrah, What a happy day on which to say

Happy Birthday Village Radio.

How can we ever thank you enough?

For helping us out when the going was tough?

If we were feeling down or a little blue

All we needed to do was switch on to you.

The bright announcers and fabulous tunes

all brightened us up and chased away glooms.

How can we ever thank you enough?

We know, of course, there is work to be done

but how do you manage to make it such fun?

You tell us some stories about each song

and before we know it we are singing along.

How can we ever thank you enough?

Not a day goes by that you're not there for us

Cheering us up and making a fuss (of us)

which we enjoy so very much, Boy oh Boy

it's all thanks to you but still not enough.


 Village Radio the first port of call.  The pride and joy of taking visitors to Tauranga up the wonderful musty smelling stairs to see vintage radios, archives of the 78s, 33s, 45s and CDs.

The atmosphere, the friendliness of the announcers.  The request, be it Earl Bostic's Jungle Drums or way, way back Josef Schmidt's "A Star Fell From Heaven".  A personal moment, bringing back the emotions of a yesteryear and songs long forgotten.

Being at home with pre-schoolers, a child's face becoming pink and excited when she hears her name over the radio and "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" played just for her.

Village Radio, thank you for all the years of pleasure you have given us and long may you continue.

Shirley Mackie - Tauranga.


To All the Staff at Village Radio.  Thank you very much for 30 years of wonderful music.

I have the station on most days it's so lovely to listen to all the old familiar tunes.

Keep up the good work, it's greatly appreciated.

Pat Wyatt - Tauranga


Marian Jensen of Tauranga writes -

My jam making over the summer is all the sweeter for having Village Radio music waft through it.

It's good to have friendly voices and a smorgasbord of music about the house.

Thanks a million to all who give of their time and talents to keep Village Radio on the air.


What Village Radio Means to Me

A few years ago I was chair bound following surgery and bemoaning the fact that daytime T.V. was the pits and that talk back radio was not my cup of tea, when a friend and long time Village Radio supporter waved her magic wand and said "Tune into Village Radio, 1368 on the am band". What a life saver!!!

Since then the easy to listen to music of yesteryear has been my constant daytime companion.   I also look forward to all the social get togethers, meeting old friends and making new ones.

Hats off to all the wonderful Volunteers who in no small way have brought this music into my life.

Joan Cains - Tauranga


Best Wishes and Sincere Thanks to our good friends at our favourite station.  You will know the solace and joy you have given us.

(Written for our 30th birthday celebrations) On behalf of absent Friends of Village Radio.


Sent to Bonnie Leonard (Station Manager) from Pat at Accadia Rest Home

Just a lie or two to send with this cheque.  It comes with my sincere wishes for the on-going, well loved station 1XT which I and many others hope that it will come through the difficulties that beset you and others that that give so much of your time to keep it going.  I hope that I and all the supporters of this loved radio station will continue to hear our favourite music and familiar voices like yours andall the announcers at the switch of a button on the radio!


 From Kay of Tauranga

With many thanks for all the wonderful music you put on for us.  I'd really be lost without it all! As a 72 year old I have so many memories of the big band and jazz records of my childhood and some war time songs as well.

My party piece as a 3 year old for visitors in England was "When the Lights Come On Again".

Best wishes to you all.


Thank you so very much for your radio.  I only came across you a few years ago and you are the only radio station I have listened to since 1950. Popular music of today is not my fortay , that is why I like you so much, you play such a variety of records.

My favourite records are all types of light orchestral music, my number 1 is Mantovani.

All the best, Bless you all, Gordon - Tauranga


Written to all Village Radio Staff in 2009 by Jan & Terry Tank - Matua

This is just a few lines to thank you for the wonderful service you do for the public of Tauranga.   We have lived here nearly 40 years and I believe that your contribution to the social and cultural life of the area surpasses that of any other group. 

Recently, someone departing a high profile position in the Arts world was reported saying that Tauranga is a city without a soul, and I have to say that I have always believed this to be the case.  With one notable exception - the pleasure and comfort your radio station has given and is still giving to its citizens. 

Having been brought up in long established areas of the South Island, Tauranga has been hard to come to terms with, unless of course, one is a member of clubs or into sporting activities.  The rapid growth of the city has not induced a real sense of community and there are many people of all ages who live quite solitary lives through no fault of their own.

To be able to tune to Station 1XT every day has brought us such pleasure and the cheerful voices of your announcers, coupled with the care given to selecting programmes of such quality, has made our lives just that much more rich ad varied.  We wish you well with FM and hope you get the support you need to do this.  I think that this might bring the programme to the notice of a wider audience also, which can only be an advantage to all.       With very best wishes for your endeavours.


Also written in 2009 from V.A. Taylor

I  moved to Tauranga approx. 6 years ago and quickly found the only radio station to play my type of music 1920s - 1970s was Village Radio.

I then listened almost exclusively to Village Radio.

I have lived in my motorhome touring N.Z. for the last 3 years and have found a few small, low powered local stations playing music of this era.

If Village Radio is lost to Tauranga, I know for one will feel that Tauranga is the worse for it.



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