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Enjoy your day with Village Radio - tune in to Station 1XT - 1368kh on the AM band to re-live special events and moments, sing along to old favourites and recall memories of a musical past that's seldom heard today.

Village Radio is your nostalgia station and in keeping with our vintage status we broadcast on the AM frequency, which was all that was available in New Zealand before FM was introduced.
We operate from the Tauranga Historic Village and our volunteers welcome requests and chats to let us know you are listening and enjoying the unique programmes each volunteer announcer compiles. We play vinyl records mostly and have the fourth largest collection of nostalgic music in New Zealand which have been donated to Village Radio from Tauranga residents.
We broadcast daily and if you have a special preference check out the 'Programme Section' on the Home Page for the particular genre you prefer. Apart from these, the music goes round and round with nostalgic recordings from the 40's to the 90's each day for your pleasure.

To operate as a working museum bringing enjoyable, varied, musical programmes from bygone days in accordance with our Radio License/Charter.




We had a special broadcast on Saturday morning, to celebrate the actual day Tauranga Village Radio made it's first broadcast. The 86 year old Collins transmitter ran like the proverbial clock.    Transmission commenced at 7.15 am and concluded at 1 pm when we switched back to the Nautel transmitter.   Our thanks to Ted for his work in arranging the linkages so we could run the Collins up after about 2 years since the last broadcast and also George Stewart who "switched' her on.  Listeners reported excellent sound quality and a more powerful signal than that being put out by the newer Nautel. Perhaps, as the old song we sometimes play, says "Why don't we do this more often".    Photo of George Stewart with the Collins.


At the 40th Birthday Party on Sunday, Kel Raine a past Volunteer of many years cut the cake. A digital book was presented to recently retired Volunteer, Russ Bain of 28 years by Evan Turbott Chairman     There was loads of Entertainment by our wonderful Volunteers with Ian Diggleman on his piano accordion as he led a singalong   We had a great crowd of Listeners and Volunteers to share the day. Our actual birthday is the 13th April.    Photos of the Party are on our website under Photo Gallery with more to come!! 


Meet the villagers - Village Radio     Celebrating 40 years of broadcasting this April, Village Radio stands as the heartbeat of The Historic Village. They offer a unique blend of pure nostalgia and contemporary music, boasting a collection of vinyl records spanning from the 1930s to the 1990s.     With a dedicated team of over 30 volunteers, Village Radio has cultivated a passionate community of listeners from across New Zealand and beyond. Visitors are invited to explore the museum of vintage radio equipment and immerse themselves in over 20,000 classic records. The station prides itself on its sense of camaraderie and community spirit, fostering connections among listeners and volunteers alike. From Tony R, the retired DJ with 20 years of experience, to Marion, the passionate music lover and gardening enthusiast, Tony H who grew up listening to the post-war era of music, and Ken, the retired rock n roll musician, each volunteer brings their unique passion to the airwaves.       Interested in joining the team? They’re always on the lookout for passionate volunteers, contact the Station Manager on their number below.     Village radio also take on-air song requests Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Call them on (07) 571-3710.   Streaming 24/7 on   Or listen on 1368AM in Tauranga.


George Stewart’s studio guest this week was the Chief Pilot and Base Manager of the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter, Liam Brettkelly.  He told our listeners how as a teenager he was fascinated with flying, growing up in Taupo, and later gained his full pilots’ licence. He’s been flying the Tauranga Rescue choppers for over 20 years.  Liam said one of a pilots’ real fears has always been the worry that they will come into contact with power lines when landing, to rescue crash victims, which is where the “eagle- eyes” of his flight crew are vital.    The Rescue Base recently took delivery of a brand new Airbus H145 twin engined rescue Helicopter, which has an advanced autopilot control system, that allows the pilot to almost let it fly itself ! Another feature, which the former Kawasaki helicopter did not have, was its enclosed multi - finned tail rotor, making it much safer to walk around, when loading and unloading patients.


A public outcry over the Tauranga City Council’s plans to massively increase user charges, for many of the facilities in the city, was one of the questions George Stewart posed to Commissioner Anne Tolley, when she visited the Historic Village this week. In a wide ranging interview Mrs Tolley talked about some of the major achievements her team had managed over the past three years, since the Government replaced the previously elected members, who were unable to work under Mayor, Tenby Powell.   She talked about her previous roles, in both Government and local body politics, and the skills her colleagues Bill Wasley, Stephen Sellwood and Chad Rolleston had brought to help drive the city forward.  As well as the complete replacement of all the underground services along Cameron Road, the city Council will soon be commencing a “tidal flow” dual lane system of traffic management, from Hairini to 15th Avenue, to try and reduce the traffic jams for workers coming in from Welcome Bay, and going home at night.   The commissioners are to end their work in July, with the return of democratically elected councillors.  


A group of Village Radio volunteers led by our fearless leader Evan Turbott put our submission to the Tauranga City Councils long term plan. Tauranga City Council is proposing increasing charges for users of the Historic Village.  This would impact hugley on an institution like  Village Radio having been in the Village for nearly 40 years. A significant increase in rent may well push us beyond sustainability. Photo - Left Evan Turbott, Graeme Millow , Ken Wadsworth , Tony Rhind, Marion King, Brian William, Tony Hunt