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Brian Cotter

Announcer & Panel Op

I was born on the day of the 'Wall Street Crash' 21st October 1929 to a couple of struggling farmers in Te Poi, Matamata. At 15 I went to the "University of the Cowshed"!

I married in 1953 and worked on farms around Matamata. I left farming in 1960 to move into town as a Life Insurance Agent .. ran Teenarama Dances, A & P Show for 4 years and organised "Round the Houses Motor Racing" for two years.

Joined Radio Waikato in 1970 when it started, then in 1974 went to Napier as a Public Relations Officer for the City for 12 years and a Councillor for 3.  Organised 2 major Air Shows and a Military Tattoo, led tours to the States, starting the 'Wine Trail', Bay City Bazaar, Art Deco City and many smaller tourist activities.

Transferred to the Mount when I joined International Entertainment in 1989 as their Marketing Director. Spent a busy 3 years overseas promoting fundraising for Lions, Rotary and Police Clubs throughout New Zealand, Australia and England.

I lost my wife in 2013 after moving to Bayswater Retirement Village, where I have been organising most of the entertainment. Still love Radio and hoping to establish a regular "Village People" programme working with the 20 Villages in Tauranga.

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