Enjoy your day with Village Radio - tune in to Station 1XT - 1368kh on the AM band to re-live special events and moments, sing along to old favourites and recall memories of a musical past that's seldom heard today.

Village Radio is your nostalgia station and in keeping with our vintage status we broadcast on the AM frequency, which was all that was available in New Zealand before FM was introduced.

We operate from the Tauranga Historic Village and our volunteers welcome requests and chats to let us know you are listening and enjoying the unique programmes each volunteer announcer compiles. We play vinyl records mostly and have the fourth largest collection of nostalgic music in New Zealand which have been donated to Village Radio from Tauranga residents.

We broadcast daily and if you have a special preference check out the 'Programme Section' on the Home Page for the particular genre you prefer. Apart from these, the music goes round and round with nostalgic recordings from the 20's to the 80's each day for your pleasure.


To operate as a working museum bringing enjoyable, varied, musical programmes from bygone days in accordance with our Radio License/Charter.


This was the second time for Village Radio to participate at The Elms Garden & Art Festival the second was on Sunday 31st January 2016. Our 'nostalgic music" was first heard at the British Car Club's show last December and received glowing praise.  As convener Ron Harvey remarked at the time, "It gave a wonderful ambience to the grounds and complimented the gathering of beautifully polished and gleaming vintage and classic cars". This year it was Gardens & Art so once again four vintage valve powered radios were placed strategically around the grounds.   Announcer Bonnie Leonard played a special programme of music, including titles involving "Gardens and Art". 800 people visited the Festival, despite a somewhat rainy day.   Photo below shows George Stewart one of our announcers with one of the Radio Station's HMV valve radios at the Festival. (You can see more radios, gramophones and more at our Museum at Village Radio)


Mayor Stuart Crosby visits Village Radio to deliver a Christmas message to the audience of Village Radio, here in Tauranga. Mayor Crosby shares warm sentiments and good health in a message to our valued listeners. As you can see, Mayor Crosby is having a good time at the control panel of Studio 1. As he delivers warm Christmas tidings, we too, wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


On the 20th of October Steve interviewed Raewyn of Zlicense an organisation which keeps your medical information at hand.  This is achieved by a plastic sleeve which your driver's licence will easily slip into.  (see photo). Raewyn explained that on the front of this sleeve was a code personalised to you only.  In an emergency the code is entered into their website whereby all emergency services can access your medical conditions, allergies and medication. You can update any time for FREE by going onto their website.   This is a world wide organisation so no matter where you are in the world help is at hand.  All this for $30 per year and Zlicence have kindly said that they will donate $15. per referral if you mention "Village Radio" so you are helping us to stay on air.


Miriam from Brazil and Eric from Alaska, USA, visited our studios.  They were shown how we broadcast, 7 days a week, by George Stewart who was the announcer on 'duty'. They took many photos and have kindly sent us copies.  Some of the photos can be seen in our Photo Gallery. The photo shows Miriam taking the controls under George's supervision.


Village Radio has a sausage sizzle and vinyl record sale in operation every first and third Sunday of the month at the Lions Market Day at the Historic Village.  This is one of our fundraising events to keep the station on air. Last Sunday the village was a hive of activity with around 60 stalls and hundreds of people visiting the market. Our chief 'sizzler' is our Station Manager Steve Lambie ably assisted by Judith Lambie and Brian Williams.  When possible other volunteers from Village Radio are there to give a hand. (See Photo)


Brazilian Zero Freitas has a vinyl collection of over 6 million records.  It would take several lifetimes to listen to all of them about 300 years! Plus it would be much longer if you accounted for sleep and taking the records out of the sleeves, putting them onto the turntable and lining them up with the needle. He started the collection in 1965 when he was 12 years old and bought one million records in a single month last year. He is building a new home for his collection the largest on the planet, which he hopes to share with the world.

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