Enjoy your day with Village Radio - tune in to 1XT - 1368kh on the AM band to re-live special events and moments, sing along to old favourites and recall memories of a musical past that's seldom heard today.

Village Radio is your nostalgia station and in keeping with our vintage status we broadcast on the AM frequency, which was all that was available in New Zealand before FM was introduced.

We operate from the Tauranga Historic Village and our volunteers welcome requests and chats to let us know you are listening and enjoying the unique programmes each volunteer announcer compiles. We play vinyl records mostly and have the fourth largest collection of nostalgic music in New Zealand which have been donated to Village Radio from Tauranga residents.

We broadcast daily and if you have a special preference check out the 'Programme Section' on the Home Page for the particular genre you prefer. Apart from these, the music goes round and round with nostalgic recordings from the 20's to the 80's each day for your pleasure.


To operate as a working museum bringing enjoyable, varied, musical programmes from bygone days in accordance with our Radio License/Charter.


The 16th Avenue Theatre here in Tauranga are putting on a production of Scarlet Women - Come Again and Village Radio will benefit from an afternoon of the musical by selling as many tickets as we can. The show is on the 23rd November at 2-00pm, at 16th Avenue and tickets are $25. each and includes the show and afternoon tea. We hope that we will see you there. For tickets please phone 570-2263 (Bonnie) or 571-3710 (Studio) Download the Poster  


Don and Shirley have been Friends of Village Radio for some years and we have just learnt that on the 17th April of this year they 'tied the knot' at Lake Hayes, Arrow Town, Queenstown.   They first met at art classes and then Don introduced Shirley to the music of Village Radio.  So a belated "Congratulations" from all your friends at Village Radio we hope you will both be very happy.


Peter Fry visited our studios in the Historic Village and caught up with George Stewart who worked with Peter during a 6 month 'stint' at 2YA Wellington in 1974. Peter was born and educated in London and having tried all sorts of career options in the UK but didn't find one until he came to N.Z. and joined NZBC (New Zealand Broadcasting) in 1968 as 'General duties radio and television announcer'.  For 20 years from 1975 he was a news specialist, presenting Morning and Midday Report and the morning news bulletins.  Since then, Peter has hosted the popular Cadenza and Saturday Night programmes on National Radio. Peter retired in July 2014 after over 40 years service at Radio New Zealand.

Thirty Year Radio History Under Threat

Radio New Zealand News writes, Village Radio is a volunteer, non-commercial station which broadcasts out of the city's Historic Village. Station Manager, Bonnie Leonard, says the station used to pay a peppercorn rent of $10 a year to the Tauranga City Council but that has gone up to $1200 a month including expenses, which is not sustainable. She said the Historic Village is now a commercial venture for the council so... <Read More>

Nostalgia Radio Station Facing Closure

Village Radio is featured here by The New Zealand Herald on September 12, 2014. They came to our station and shot lots of footage and conducted interviews with some of our volunteers. Please click Here to view it.  


On Saturday, August 3rd it is International Blues Music Day and here at Village Radio one of our newest announcers, Brian Williams is broadcasting a program featuring blues music.  His program is on 2nd August (1 pm to 4 pm) just one day before the inaugural International Blues Music Day. Brian is wearing the Tee-shirt of the Music Day in his profile picture on this website and he e-mailed the photo to their headquarters in New York.  They picked the photo for 'picture of the day' and posted a link to Village Radio on their International Events page.   Also there is an article by Derek (a.k.a. Winston Watsui) of the local band Kokomo in the Weekend Sun dated 26th July and an article also appears on the SunLive web page.


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