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Raewyn Weller

Announcer/Panel Operator

I am a graduate of the School of Life. I only do what I love, endeavour to stay positive and keep a sense of humour.
I love music and dancing, especially Rock n Roll.  Is it any wonder I enjoy playing the old music for you.  I do house sitting and it takes me away from Tauranga at times so am not a regular on air at present.  I started with Village Radio mid 2017 and love it.
I am the mother of 3 adult children, grandmother of 5 and have 5 great-grandchildren.  Good health and fitness are a priority.
I started my working life as a nurse. I have been studying personal development and healing modalities for the past 20+ years and love helping people to help themselves. I do Reflexology and energy healing.
I travelled to Zimbabwe and India, working in schools and shelters for homeless children.  I do presentations to groups and schools teaching how we create our lives and presently writing a book about it.
My motto is LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH AND DANCE. as if no one is watching, life is for living. 

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