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Raewyn Weller

Announcer/Panel Operator

I am a graduate of the School of Life.  I went to school 'to eat my lunch', but have not stopped learning since I left.  I moved to Te Puke in 1979 from Rotorua, now living in Papamoa.
As a 1949 model I started my working life Nursing, am a great grandmother and proud of it.  I have set up and owned several businesses for self and community and done a lot of community work over the years.
I have studied and use different energy healing modalities.  No matter what I have veered off to do in my working life, local politician, author, public relations, celebrant, sales, I always go back to healing, sharing what I have learnt and giving people tools to heal themselves.
Currently I live with and look after my 88 year old Mother, am a Funeral Celebrant, healer and I take people to a shelter for homeless children in India each year.
I love to 'tick' things off my bucket list and broadcasting on Radio is one, so here I am, hopefully bringing a little sunshine into your life.  I love music and dancing and my motto is LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH.

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